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Best London Tours

An entire week is not enough to truly explore the tourist attractions within London. However, the major hotspots can be carefully selected and included in one-day tours for those who are constantly in a rush. Whether you wish to have an historic and modern London tour, explore the Royal London or watch the city from up in the air in a Total London Tour, you can see the best of London in only one day. Explore this lively city accompanied by your friend or a companion of your choosing, and you will have a stunning adventure together!

See astonishing views of London

You can see London in a remarkable bus tour. There are several different routes that will allow you to explore the city in depth. You will see Buckingham Palace, pass by the main Central London sights and admire the art displayed in London’s Museum Quarter. Head to Kings Cross, take a selfie with your favourite celebrities at Madam Tussauds and leave the bus for a walking tour to follow the footsteps of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.


If you do not want to request the services of a tourism agency, you should definitely join a professional tour guide while you will explore London. Wander around the most popular regions of this city, stroll on Regent Street, have a delightful shopping session on Oxford Street and relish with traditional food in Piccadilly. Have a boat ride along Thames and your guide will show you the most interesting attractions you will pass by.


Discover the hidden treasures within this city, but not before visiting the major attractions such as Big Ben, Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, National Gallery, British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey, among numerous others. But if you will request the professional services of a tourism agency, all your needs will be covered and you will explore the tourist attractions within London efficiently.


Wander around London in a sophisticated way

A stylish guide can keep you company if you do not want to feel alone in England. Hop on a bike and you will enjoy a relaxing bike tour with your knowledgeable companion. See the real London on two wheels and your guide will entertain you with a charming combination of stories and great locations. You will cover a large area but you will not have to worry about anything during this wonderful tour of London.


If you want to recharge your batteries in the best possible way, go for a culinary tour in London. Not only gourmets will love it. Savour the delicious food found around this enchanting historical city, eat samples of traditional British food and indulge with the best Lincolnshire sausages. Taste freshly cooked breads and chips, charm your palate with English desserts and cheeses and do not neglect the London brewed beers and teas either. Go in a fascinating London tour by the side of a Londoner and enjoy your mesmerising experience together!

Airline’s employees strike - do I get my money back?

Passenger anxiety increases whenever the rumours announce a strike of the airline staff. Your business trip or air travel to your dream destination could be delayed or cancelled, and you could waste precious time at the airport. What happens if the airline’s employees strike? Do you get your money back?

What to do when the airline’s employees strike

You could call the airline several hours before the strike, and they would tell you that everything is ok with your flight. Even though the strike is declared officially, the airline will work to keep cancellations and disruptions to a minimum. Sometimes, they hire or train extra staff to take on the role of those who strike. Between their negotiations, they might affect you. Your flight is delayed or cancelled, and you don’t reach your destination on time.

In this case, according to EU261, you are eligible to flight delay/cancellation compensation up to 600 Euros. Read more about a claim means on The regulation states that air passengers who travel from or towards a European destination should receive reimbursement if their flight is delayed by 3 hours and the reason of the delay/cancellation is under the airline’s responsibility and control. If the flight delay occurs because of extraordinary circumstances – adverse weather conditions, security issues, air traffic control restrictions, etc. – you are no longer eligible to claim compensation for the delayed flight.

When there's noone to attend to your flight you will be late

The European Court has ruled that strikes of the airline’s employees doesn’t qualify for “extraordinary circumstances”. As a matter of fact, this type of labour disrupting falls under the airline’s fault, as they are responsible for their employees’ behaviour.

So, what are the airline’s obligations towards air passengers during a strike? Absolutely none. They will, however, try to rebook your air journey before you’d get the chance to reach to an agent, especially if you are a top-tier frequent flyer member. If this new flight doesn’t get on time to your final destination, you should fill the compensation letter and claim reimbursement for delayed/cancelled flight. Here are your passenger's rights as airine clients.

How to get your money back in case of a strike

If the airline that operates your flight deals with a strike, they will rebook your air trip on a different airline. Their news and policies might be made published, and they would probably tell you that this situation doesn’t entitle you for flight cancellation compensation. Here’s what you should do to get reimbursement from the airline:

  1. Get in touch with the airline that operated your flight and claim flight delay compensation.
  2. Keep records of your original flight documents and send copies to the airline.
  3. If the airline doesn’t approve your request, check the validity of your claim, then address to alternative dispute resolution bodies (ADR).
  4. Once your claim is rejected, you can contact the Civil Aviation Authority, and they may help argue your case.

You should get your money back if the airline’s employees strike and your flight is delayed or cancelled. You were affected by their disruption, and haven’t reached your destination on time? Contact AirClaim, and learn how to claim compensation for delayed/cancelled flight!


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